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Colossians The Epistle to the

Colos’sians, The Epistle to the, was written by the apostle St. Paul during his first captivity at Rome. Acts 28:16. (a.d. 62) The epistle was addressed to the Christians of the city of Colosse, and was delivered to them by Tychicus, whom the apostle had sent both to them, Col. 4:7, 8, and to the church of Ephesus, Eph. 6:21, to inquire into their state and to administer exhortation and comfort. The main object of the epistle is to warn the Colossians against a spirit of semi-Judaistic and semi-Oriental philosophy which was corrupting the simplicity of their belief, and was noticeably tending to obscure the eternal glory and dignity of Christ. The similarity between this epistle and that to the Ephesians is striking. The latter was probably written at a later date.