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Commerce. From the time that men began to live in cities, trade, in some shape, must have been carried on to supply the town-dwellers with necessaries from foreign as well as native sources, for we find that Abraham was rich, not only in cattle, but in silver, gold, and gold and silver plate and ornaments. Gen. 13:2; 24:22, 53. Among trading nations mentioned in Scripture, Egypt holds in very early times a prominent position. The internal trade of the Jews, as well as the external, was much promoted by the festivals, which brought large numbers of persons to Jerusalem. 1 Kings 8:63. The places of public market were chiefly the open spaces near the gates, to which goods were brought for sale by those who came from the outside. Neh. 13:15, 16; Zeph. 1:10. The traders in later times were allowed to intrude into the temple, in the outer courts of which victims were publicly sold for the sacrifice. Zech. 14:21; Matt. 21:12; John 2:14.