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Corinthians Second Epistle to the

Corinth’ians, Second Epistle to the, was written a few months subsequent to the first, in the same year—about the autumn of a.d. 57 or 58—at Macedonia. The epistle was occasioned by the information which the apostle had received from Titus, and also, as it would certainly seem probable, from Timothy, of the reception of the first epistle. This information, as it would seem from our present epistle, was mainly favorable; the better part of the church were returning to their spiritual allegiance to their founder, 2 Cor. 1:13, 14; 7:9, 15, 16; but there was still a faction who strenuously denied Paul’s claim to apostleship. The contents of this epistle comprise, (1) the apostle’s account of the character of his spiritual labors, chs. 1-7; (2) directions about the collections, chs. 8, 9; (3) defence of his own apostolical character, chs. 10-13:10. The words in 1 Cor. 5:9 seem to point to further epistles to this church by Paul, but we have no positive evidence of any.