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Corn. The most common kinds were wheat, barley, spelt, Authorized Version, Ex. 9:32 and Isa. 28:25, “rye”; Ezek. 4:9 “fitches” and millet; oats are mentioned only by rabbinical writers. Our Indian corn was unknown in Bible times. Corn-crops are still reckoned at twenty-fold what was sown, and were anciently much more. Gen. 41:22. The Jewish law permitted any one in passing through a field of standing corn to pluck and eat. Deut. 23:25; see also Matt. 12:1. From Solomon’s time, 2 Chron. 2:10, 15, as agriculture became developed under a settled government, Palestine was a corn-exporting country, and her grain was largely taken by her commercial neighbor Tyre, Ezek. 27:17; comp. Amos 8:5.