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Diadem. What the “diadem” of the Jews was we know not. That of other nations of antiquity was a fillet of silk, two inches broad, bound round the head and tied behind. Its invention is attributed to Liber. Its color was generally white; sometimes, however, it was of blue, like that of Darius; and it was sown with pearls or other gems, Zech. 9:16, and enriched with gold. Rev. 9:7. It was peculiarly the mark of Oriental sovereigns. In Esther 1:11; 2:17, we have cether for the turban worn by the Persian king, queen, or other eminent persons to whom it was conceded as a special favor. The diadem of the king differed from that of others in having an erect triangular peak. The words in Ezek. 23:15 mean long and flowing turbans of gorgeous colors. [Crown.]