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Adoni’jah (my Lord is Jehovah).

1. The fourth son of David by Haggith, born at Hebron while his father was king of Judah. 2 Sam. 3:4. (b.c. about 1050.) After the death of his three brothers, Amnon, Chileab, and Absalom, he became eldest son; and when his father’s strength was visibly declining, put forward his pretensions to the crown. Adonijah’s cause was espoused by Abiathar and by Joab the famous commander of David’s army. [Joab.] His name and influence secured a large number of followers among the captains of the royal army belonging to the tribe of Judah, comp. 1 Kings 1:4; and these, together with all the princes except Solomon, were entertained by Adonijah at a great sacrificial feast held “by the stone Zoheleth, which is by En-rogel.” [En-rogel.] Apprised of these proceedings, David immediately caused Solomon to be proclaimed king, 1 Kings 1:33, 34, at Gihon. [Gihon.] This decisive measure struck terror into the opposite party, and Adonijah fled to the sanctuary, but was pardoned by Solomon on condition that he should “show himself a worthy man.” 1 Kings 1:52. The death of David quickly followed on these events; and Adonijah begged Bath-sheba to procure Solomon’s consent to his marriage with Abishag, who had been the wife of David in his old age. 1 Kings 1:3. This was regarded as equivalent to a fresh attempt on the throne [Absalom; Abner]; and therefore Solomon ordered him to be put to death by Benaiah. 1 Kings 2:25.

2. A Levite in the reign of Jehoshaphat. 2 Chron. 17:8.

3. The same as Adonikam. Neh. 10:16. [Adonikam.]