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Earthquake. Earthquakes, more or less violent, are of frequent occurrence in Palestine. The most remarkable occurred in the reign of Uzziah. Zech. 14:5. From Zech. 14:4 we are led to infer that a great convulsion took place at this time in the Mount of Olives, the mountain being split so as to leave a valley between its summit. An earthquake occurred at the time of our Saviour’s crucifixion. Matt. 27:51-54. Earthquakes are not unfrequently accompanied by fissures of the earth’s surface; instances of this are recorded in connection with the destruction of Korah and his company, Num. 16:32, and at the time of our Lord’s death, Matt. 27:51; the former may be paralleled by a similar occurrence at Oppido in Calabria a.d. 1783, where the earth opened to the extent of five hundred and a depth of more than two hundred feet.