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Eclipse of the sun

Eclipse of the sun. No historical notice of an eclipse occurs in the Bible, but there are passages in the prophets which contain manifest allusion to this phenomenon. Joel 2:10, 31; 3:15; Amos 8:9; Micah 3:6; Zech. 14:6. Some of these notices probably refer to eclipses that occurred about the time of the respective compositions: thus the date of Amos coincides with a total eclipse which occurred Feb. 9, b.c. 784, and was visible at Jerusalem shortly after noon; that of Micah with the eclipse of June 5, b.c. 716. A passing notice in Jer. 15:9 coincides in date with the eclipse of Sept. 30, b.c. 610, so well known from Herodotus’ account (i., 74, 103). The darkness that overspread the world at the crucifixion cannot with reason be attributed to an eclipse, as the moon was at the full at the time of the passover.