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Footman, a word employed in the English Bible in two senses:

1. Generally, to distinguish those of the fighting men who went on foot from those who were on horseback or in chariots; 2. In a more special sense, in 1 Sam. 22:17 only, and as the translation of a different term from the above—a body of swift runners in attendance on the king. This body appears to have been afterwards kept up, and to have been distinct from the body-guard—the six hundred and the thirty—who were originated by David. See 1 Kings 14:27, 28; 2 Kings 11:4, 6, 11, 13, 19; 2 Chron. 12:10, 11. In each of these cases the word is the same as the above, and is rendered “guard,” with “runners” in the margin in two instances—1 Kings 14:27; 2 Kings 11:13.