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Ahith’ophel (brother of foolishness), a native of Giloh, was a privy councillor of David, whose wisdom was highly esteemed, though his name had an exactly opposite signification. 2 Sam. 16:23. (b.c. 1055–1023.) He was the grandfather of Bath-sheba. Comp. 2 Sam. 11:3 with 23:34. Ahithophel joined the conspiracy of Absalom against David, and persuaded him to take possession of the royal harem, 2 Sam. 16:21, and recommended an immediate pursuit of David. His advice was wise; but Hushai advised otherwise. When Ahithophel saw that Hushai’s advice prevailed, he despaired of success, and returning to his own home “put his household in order and hanged himself.” 2 Sam. 17:1-23.