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Ha’zer, topographically, seems generally employed for the villages or people. As a proper name it appears in the Authorized Version—

1. In the plural, Hazerim and Hazeroth, for which see below. 2. In the slightly different form of Hazor. 3. In composition with other words:

1. Hazar-addar (village of Addar), a place named as one of the landmarks on the southern boundary of the land promised to Israel. Num. 34:4; Adar, Josh. 15:3.

2. Hazar-enan (village of fountains), the place at which the northern boundary of the land promised to the children of Israel was to terminate. Num. 34:9, 10; comp. Ezek. 47:17; 48:1.

3. Hazar-gaddah (village of fortune), one of the towns in the southern district of Judah, Josh. 15:27, named between Moladah and Heshmon.

4. Hazar-shual (village of jackals), a town in the southern district of Judah, lying between Hazar-gaddah and Beersheba. Josh. 15:28; 19:3; 1 Chron. 4:28.

5. Hazar-susah (village of horses), one of the “cities” allotted to Simeon in the extreme south of the territory of Judah. Josh. 19:5.