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Hebrews Epistle to the

He’brews, Epistle to the.

1. The author.—There has been a wide difference of opinion respecting the authorship of this epistle. The weight of evidence favors Paul as its author, though some think St. Luke, others Barnabas, and others still Apollos, may have written it. The thoughts are evidently St. Paul’s, and he was doubtless the real author, whoever wrote it under him. 2. To whom written.—The epistle was probably addressed to the Jews in Jerusalem and Palestine. The argument of the epistle is such as could be used with most effect to a church consisting exclusively of Jews by birth, personally familiar with and attached to the temple service. 3. Date.—It was evidently written before the destruction of Jerusalem in a.d. 70, probably about a.d. 62–64. 4. Place.—It was probably written in Italy, while Paul was a prisoner at Rome. 5. Contents.—With respect to the scope of the epistle, it should be recollected that while the numerous Christian churches scattered throughout Judea, Acts 9:31; Gal. 1:22, were continually exposed to persecution from the Jews, 1 Thess. 2:14, there was in Jerusalem one additional weapon in the hands of the predominant oppressors of the Christians. The magnificent national temple might be shut against the Hebrew Christian; and even if this affliction were not often laid upon him, yet there was a secret burden which he bore within him, the knowledge that the end of all the beauty and awfulness of Zion was rapidly approaching. The writer of this epistle meets the Hebrew Christians on their own ground, showing that the new faith gave them Christ the Son of God, more prevailing than the high priest as an intercessor; that his Sabbath awaited them, his covenant, his atonement, his city heavenly not made with hands. Having him, believe in him with all your heart, with a faith in the unseen future strong as that of the saints of old, patient under present and prepared for coming woe, full of energy and hope and holiness and love. Such was the teaching of the Epistle to the Hebrews.