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Ico’nium (little image), the modern Konieh, was the capital of Lycaonia, in Asia Minor. It was a large and rich city, 120 miles north from the Mediterranean Sea, at the foot of the Taurus mountains, and on the great line of communication between Ephesus and the western coast of the peninsula on one side, and Tarsus, Antioch, and the Euphrates on the other. Iconium was a well-chosen place for missionary operations. Acts 14:1, 3, 21, 22; 16:1, 2; 18:23. Paul’s first visit here was on his first circuit, in company with Barnabas; and on this occasion he approached it from Antioch in Pisidia, which lay to the west. The modern Konieh is between two and three miles in circumference, and contains over 30,000 inhabitants. It contains manufactories of carpets and leather.