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Iron is mentioned with brass as the earliest of known metals. Gen. 4:22. The natural wealth in iron of the soil of Canaan is indicated by describing it as “a land whose stones are iron.” Deut. 8:9. (Recent explorations have shown that iron ore is abundant in the northern part of Palestine.—Ed.) The book of Job contains passages which indicate that iron was a metal well known. Sheet-iron was used for cooking utensils. Ezek. 4:3; cf. Lev. 7:9. That it was plentiful in the time of David appears from 1 Chron. 22:3. The market of Tyre was supplied with bright or polished iron by the merchants of Dan and Javan. Ezek. 27:19. The Chalybes of the Pontus were celebrated as workers in iron in very ancient times. The product of their labor is supposed to be alluded to in Jer. 15:12 as being of superior quality. Specimens of Assyrian iron-work overlaid with bronze were discovered by Mr. Layard, and are now in the British Museum. Iron weapons of various kinds were found at Nimroud, but fell to pieces on exposure to the air.