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Is’sachar (reward).

1. The ninth son of Jacob and the fifth of Leah. Gen. 30:17, 18. (b.c. 1753–45.) At the descent into Egypt four sons are ascribed to him, who founded the four chief families of the tribe. Gen. 46:13; Num. 26:23, 25; 1 Chron. 7:1. The number of the fighting men of Issachar, when taken in the census at Sinai, was 54,400. During the journey they seem to have steadily increased. The allotment of Issachar lay above that of Manasseh. Josh. 19:17-23. In the words of Josephus, “it extended in length from Carmel to the Jordan, in breadth to Mount Tabor.” This territory was, as it still is, among the richest land in Palestine. It is this aspect of the territory of Issachar which appears to be alluded to in the blessing of Jacob.

2. A Korhite Levite, one of the door-keepers of the house of Jehovah, seventh son of Obed-edom. 1 Chron. 26:5.