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Ja-azani’ah (whom Jehovah hears).

1. One of the captains of the forces who accompanied Johanan ben-Kareah to pay his respects to Gedaliah at Mizpah, 2 Kings 25:23, and who appears afterwards to have assisted in recovering Ishmael’s prey from his clutches. Comp. Jer. 41:11; 43:4, 5. (b.c. 587.)

2. Son of Shaphan. Ezek. 8:11. It is possible that he is identical with

3. Son of Azur; one of the princes of the people against whom Ezekiel was directed to prophesy. Ezek. 11:1. (b.c. 593.)

4. A Rechabite, son of Jeremiah. Jer. 35:3. (b.c. 606.)