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Jeho’hanan (whom Jehovah gave), a name of which John is the contraction.

1. A Korhite Levite, one of the doorkeepers to the tabernacle. 1 Chron. 26:3; comp. 25:1. (b.c. 1014.)

2. One of the principal men of Judah under King Jehoshaphat. 2 Chron. 17:15; comp. 13 and 19. (b.c. 910.)

3. Father of Ishmael, one of the “captains of hundreds” whom Jehoiada the priest took into his confidence about the restoration of the line of Judah. 2 Chron. 23:1. (b.c. 910.)

4. One of the Bene-Bebai who was forced to put away his foreign wife. Ezra 10:28. (b.c. 459.)

5. A priest, Neh. 12:13, during the high priesthood of Joiakim. ver. 12. (b.c. 406.)

6. A priest who took part in the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem. Neh. 12:42. (b.c. 446.)