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Jes’se (wealthy), the father of David, was the son of Obed, who again was the fruit of the union of Boaz and the Moabitess Ruth. His great-grandmother was Rahab the Canaanite, of Jericho. Matt. 1:5. Jesse’s genealogy is twice given in full in the Old Testament, viz., Ruth 4:18-22 and 1 Chron. 2:5-12. He is commonly designated as “Jesse the Bethlehemite,” 1 Sam. 16:1, 18; 17:58; but his full title is “the Ephrathite of Bethlehem Judah.” ch. 17:12. He is an “old man” when we first meet with him, 1 Sam. 17:12, with eight sons, ch. 16:10; 17:12, residing at Bethlehem. ch. 16:4, 5. Jesse’s wealth seems to have consisted of a flock of sheep and goats, which were under the care of David. ch. 16:11; 17:34, 35. After David’s rupture with Saul he took his father and his mother into the country of Moab and deposited them with the king, and there they disappear from our view in the records of Scripture. (b.c. 1068–61.) Who the wife of Jesse was we are not told.