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Kid’ron, or Ked’ron (turbid), The brook, a torrent or valley, not a “brook,” or, as in the margin of Revised Version, “ravine”; Gr. winter torrent. It was close to Jerusalem, between the city and the Mount of Olives. It is now commonly known as the “valley of Jehoshaphat.” The channel of the valley of Jehoshaphat is nothing more than the dry bed of a wintry torrent, bearing marks of being occasionally swept over by a large volume of water. It was crossed by David in his flight, 2 Sam. 15:23, comp. 30, and by our Lord on his way to Gethsemane. John 18:1; comp. Mark 14:26; Luke 22:39. The distinguishing peculiarity of the Kidron valley—mentioned in the Old Testament—is the impurity which appears to have been ascribed to it. In the time of Josiah it was the common cemetery of the city. 2 Kings 23:6; comp. Jer. 26:23.


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