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Kir’jath-je’arim (the city of forests), first mentioned as one of the four cities of the Gibeonites, Josh. 9:17; it next occurs as one of the landmarks of the northern boundary of Judah, ch. 15:9, and as the point at which the western and southern boundaries of Benjamin coincided, ch. 18:14, 15; and in the last two passages we find that it bore another, perhaps earlier, name—that of the great Canaanite deity Baal, namely Baalah and Kirjath-baal. At this place the ark remained for twenty years. 1 Sam. 7:2. At the close of that time Kirjath-jearim lost its sacred treasure, on its removal by David to the house of Obed-edom the Gittite. 1 Chron. 13:5, 6; 2 Chron. 1:4; 2 Sam. 6:2, etc. To Eusebius and Jerome it appears to have been well known. They describe it as a village at the ninth mile between Jerusalem and Diospolis (Lydda). These requirements are exactly fulfilled in the small modern village of Kuriet-el-Enab—now usually known as AbuÌ‚ Gosh, from the robber chief whose headquarters it was—on the road from Jaffa to Jerusalem.