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Ambassador, a person of high rank employed by a government to represent it and transact its business at the seat of government of some other power. The earliest examples of ambassadors employed occur in Num. 20:14; 21:21; Judges 11:7-19; afterwards in that of the fraudulent Gibeonites, Josh. 9:4, etc., and in the instances of civic strife mentioned Judges 11:12 and 20:12. Ambassadors are found to have been employed not only on occasions of hostile challenge or insolent menace, 1 Kings 20:2, 6; 2 Kings 14:8, but of friendly compliment, of request for alliance or other aid, of submissive deprecation and of curious inquiry. 2 Kings 14:8; 16:7; 18:14; 2 Chron. 32:31. Ministers are called ambassadors of Christ.