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1. In the tabernacle, a vessel of brass containing water for the priests to wash their hands and feet before offering sacrifice. It stood in the court between the altar and the door of the tabernacle. Ex. 30:19, 21. It rested on a basis, i.e., a foot, which, as well as the laver itself, was made from the mirrors of the women who assembled at the door of the tabernacle court. Ex. 38:8. The form of the laver is not specified, but may be assumed to have been circular. Like the other vessels belonging to the tabernacle, it was, together with its “foot,” consecrated with oil. Lev. 8:10, 11.


A Brazen Laver on Wheels.

2. In Solomon’s temple, besides the great molten sea, there were ten lavers of brass, raised on bases, 1 Kings 7:27, 39, five on the north and five on the south side of the court of the priests. They were used for washing the animals to be offered in burnt offerings. 2 Chron. 4:6.