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Am’mon (sons of renown, mountaineers), Am’monites, Children of Ammon, a people descended from Ben-ammi, the son of Lot by his younger daughter. Gen. 19:38; comp. Ps. 83:7, 8. The Ammonites are frequently mentioned with the Moabites (descendants of Ben-ammi’s half-brother), and sometimes under the same name. Comp. Judges 10:6; 2 Chron. 20:1; Zeph. 2:8, etc. The precise position of the territory of the Ammonites is not ascertainable. In the earliest mention of them, Deut. 2:20, they are said to have dwelt in their place, Jabbok being their border. Num. 21:24; Deut. 2:37; 3:16. Land or country is, however, but rarely ascribed to them. Their capital city was Rabbath, called also Rabbath Ammon, on the Jabbok. We find everywhere traces of the fierce habits of marauders in their incursions. 1 Sam. 11:2; Amos 1:13, and a very high degree of crafty cruelty to their foes. Jer. 41:6, 7; Judges 7:11, 12. Moab was the settled and civilized half of the nation of Lot, and Ammon formed its predatory and Bedouin section. On the west of Jordan they never obtained a footing. The hatred in which the Ammonites were held by Israel is stated to have arisen partly from their denial of assistance, Deut. 23:4, to the Israelites on their approach to Canaan. But whatever its origin, the animosity continued in force to the latest date. The tribe was governed by a king, Judges 11:12, etc.; 1 Sam. 12:12; 2 Sam. 10:1; Jer. 40:14, and by “princes.” 2 Sam. 10:3; 1 Chron. 19:3. The divinity of the tribe was Molech [Molech], and they were gross idolaters.


Rabbath Ammon, Capital of the Ammonites. (From a Photograph.)