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Ma’gog (region of Gog). In Gen. 10:2 Magog appears as the second son of Japheth; in Ezek. 38:2; 39:1, 6 it appears as a country or people of which Gog was the prince. The notices of Magog would lead us to fix a northern locality: it is expressly stated by Ezekiel that he was to come up from “the sides of the north,” Ezek. 39:2, from a country adjacent to that of Togarmah or Armenia, ch. 38:6, and not far from “the isles” or maritime regions of Europe. ch. 39:6. The people of Magog further appear as having a force of cavalry, Ezek. 38:15, and as armed with the bow. ch. 39:3. From the above data we may conclude that Magog represents the important race of the Scythians.