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Mar’tha (a lady), the sister of Lazarus and Mary. [Lazarus.] The facts recorded in Luke 10 and John 11 indicate a character devout after the customary Jewish type of devotion, sharing in Messianic hopes and accepting Jesus as the Christ. When she first comes before us, Luke 10:38, her spirit is “cumbered with much serving,” is “careful and troubled about many things.” Her love, though imperfect in its form, is yet recognized as true, and she has the distinction of being one whom Jesus loved. John 11:3. Her position is obviously that of the elder sister, the head and manager of the household. In the supper at Bethany, John 12;2, the old character shows itself still, but it has been freed from evil. She is no longer “cumbered,” no longer impatient. Activity has been calmed by trust.