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Mero’dach-bal’adan (worshipper of Baal) is mentioned as king of Babylon in the days of Hezekiah both in the second book of Kings, ch. 20:12, and in Isaiah. ch. 39:1. In the former place he is called Berodach-baladan. The name of Merodach-baladan has been recognized in the Assyrian inscriptions. It appears there were two reigns of this king, the first from b.c. 721 to b.c. 709, when he was deposed; and the second after his recovery of the throne in b.c. 702, which lasted only half a year. There is some doubt as to the time at which he sent his ambassadors to Hezekiah, for the purpose of inquiring as to the astronomical marvel of which Judea had been the scene, 2 Chron. 32:31; but it appears to have been b.c. 713.