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Me’rom (high place), The waters of, a lake formed by the river Jordan, about ten miles north of the Sea of Galilee. It is a place memorable in the history of the conquest of Palestine. Here Joshua completely routed the confederacy of the northern chiefs under Jabin. Josh. 11:5, 7. It is a remarkable fact that though by common consent “the waters of Merom” are identified with the lake through which the Jordan runs between Banias and the Sea of Galilee—the Bahr el-HuÌ‚leh of the modern Arabs—yet that identity cannot be proved by any ancient record. In form the lake is not far from a triangle, the base being at the north and the apex at the south. It measures about three miles in each direction, and eleven feet deep. The water is clear and sweet; it is covered in parts by a broad-leaved plant, and abounds in water-fowl. (The northern part is a dense swamp of papyrus reeds, as large as the lake itself. See “Rob Roy on the Jordan.”—Ed.)


The Waters of Merom.