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Na’hash (serpent).

1. King of the Ammonites who dictated to the inhabitants of Jabesh-gilead that cruel alternative of the loss of their right eyes or slavery, which roused the swift wrath of Saul, and caused the destruction of the Ammonite force. 1 Sam. 11:2-11. (b.c. 1092.) “Nahash” would seem to have been the title of the king of the Ammonites rather than the name of an individual. Nahash the father of Hanun had rendered David some special and valuable service, which David was anxious for an opportunity of requiting. 2 Sam. 10:2.

2. A person mentioned once only—2 Sam. 17:25—in stating the parentage of Amasa, the commander-in-chief of Absalom’s army. Amasa is there said to have been the son of a certain Ithra by Abigail, “daughter of Nahash and sister to Zeruiah.” (b.c. before 1023.)