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Oph’rah (fawn).

1. A town in the tribe of Benjamin. Josh. 18:23; 1 Sam. 13:17. Jerome places it five miles east of Bethel. It is perhaps et-Taiyibeh, a small village on the crown of a conspicuous hill, four miles east-northeast of Beitı̂n (Bethel).

2. More fully, Ophrah of the Abiezrites, the native place of Gideon, Judges 6:11, and the scene of his exploits against Baal, ver. 24; his residence after his accession to power, ch. 9:5, and the place of his burial in the family sepulchre. ch. 8:32. It was probably in Manasseh, ch. 6:15, and not far distant from Shechem. Judges 9:1, 5.

3. The son of Meonothai. 1 Chron. 4:14.