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Ossifrage (the bone-breaker). The Hebrew word occurs, as the name of an unclean bird, in Lev. 11:13 and Deut. 14:12. It is probably the lammergeyer, or bearded vulture as it is sometimes called, one of the largest of the birds of prey. It well deserves its name ossifrage, bone-breaker, for “not only does he push kids and lambs, and even men, off the rocks, but he takes the bones of animals that other birds of prey have denuded of the flesh high up into the air, and lets them fall upon a stone in order to crack them and render them more digestible even for his enormous powers of deglutition. Marrow-bones are the dainties he loves. This is probably the bird that dropped a tortoise on the bald head of poor old Æschylus.”—N. H. Simpson.