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Pot. The term “pot” is applicable to so many sorts of vessels that it can scarcely be restricted to any one in particular.

1. Asûc, 2 Kings 4:2, an earthen jar, deep and narrow, without handles, probably like the Roman and Egyptian amphora, inserted in a stand of wood or stone. 2. Cheres, an earthen vessel for stewing or seething. Lev. 6:28; Ezek. 4:9. 3. Dûd, a vessel for culinary purposes, perhaps of smaller size. 1 Sam. 2:14. The “pots” set before the Rechabites, Jer. 35:5, were probably bulging jars or bowls. The water-pots of Cana appear to have been large amphoræ, such as are in use at the present day in Syria. These were of stone or hard earthenware. The water-pot of the Samaritan woman may have been a leathern bucket, such as Bedouin women use.


Stone Water-jars.