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Rame’ses, or Ra-am’ses (child of the sun), a city and district of lower Egypt. Gen. 47:11; Ex. 12:37; Num. 33:3, 5. This land of Rameses either corresponds to the land of Goshen or was a district of it, more probably the former. The city was one of the two store-cities built for the Pharaoh who first oppressed the children of Israel. Ex. 1:11. (It was probably the capital of Goshen, and situated in the valley of the Pelusiac mouth of the Nile. McClintock and Strong say that its location is indicated by the present Tell Ramsis, a quadrangular mound near Belbeis. Dr. Brugsch thinks that it was at Zoan-Tanis, the modern San, on the Tanitic branch of the Nile, and that it was built or enlarged by Rameses II and made his capital.—Ed.)