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Ra’moth-gil’ead (heights of Gilead), one of the great fastnesses on the east of Jordan, and the key to an important district. 1 Kings 4:13. It was the city of refuge for the tribe of Gad, Deut. 4:43; Josh. 20:8; 21:38, and the residence of one of Solomon’s commissariat officers. 1 Kings 4:13. During the invasion related in 1 Kings 15:20, or some subsequent incursion, this important place had been seized by Ben-hadad I, king of Syria. The incidents of Ahab’s expedition are well known. [Ahab.] Later it was taken by Israel, and held in spite of all the efforts of Hazael, who was now on the throne of Damascus, to regain it. 2 Kings 9:14. Henceforward Ramoth-gilead disappears from our view. Eusebius and Jerome specify the position of Ramoth as 15 miles from Philadelphia (Ammân). It may correspond to the site bearing the name of Jel˒âd, exactly identical with the ancient Hebrew Gilead, which is four or five miles north of es-Salt, 25 miles east of the Jordan and 13 miles south of the brook Jabbok.