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Rebek’ah (ensnarer), daughter of Bethuel, Gen. 22:23, and sister of Laban, married to Isaac. She is first presented to us in Gen. 24, where the beautiful story of her marriage is related. (b.c. 1857.) For nineteen years she was childless: then Esau and Jacob were born, the younger being the mother’s companion and favorite. Gen. 25:19-28. Rebekah suggested the deceit that was practiced by Jacob on his blind father. She directed and aided him in carrying it out, foresaw the probable consequence of Esau’s anger, and prevented it by moving Isaac to send Jacob away to Padan-aram, Gen. 27, to her own kindred. Gen. 29:12. Rebekah’s beauty became at one time a source of danger to her husband. Gen. 26:7. It has been conjectured that she died during Jacob’s sojourn in Padan-aram.