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Rim’mon (pomegranate), the name of several towns.

1. A city of Zebulun, 1 Chron. 6:77; Neh. 11:29, a Levitical city, the present Rummanneh, six miles north of Nazareth.

2. A town in the southern portion of Judah, Josh. 15:3, allotted to Simeon, Josh. 19:7; 1 Chron. 4:32; probably 13 miles southwest of Hebron.

3. Rimmon-parez (pomegranate of the breach), the name of a march-station in the wilderness. Num. 33:19, 20. No place now known has been identified with it.

4. Rimmon the Rock, a cliff or inaccessible natural fastness, in which the six hundred Benjamites who escaped the slaughter of Gibeah took refuge. Judges 20:45, 47; 21:13. In the wild country which lies on the east of the central highlands of Benjamin the name is still found attached to a village perched on the summit of a conical chalky hill, visible in all directions, and commanding the whole country.

5. A Benjamite of Beeroth, the father of Rechab and Baanah, the murderers of Ish-bosheth. 2 Sam. 4:2, 5, 9.