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Salo’me (peaceful).

1. The wife of Zebedee, Matt. 27:56; Mark 15:40, and probably sister of Mary the mother of Jesus, to whom reference is made in John 19:25. The only events recorded of Salome are that she preferred a request on behalf of her two sons for seats of honor in the kingdom of heaven, Matt. 20:20, that she attended at the crucifixion of Jesus, Mark 15:40, and that she visited his sepulchre. Mark 16:1. She is mentioned by name on only the two latter occasions.

2. The daughter of Herodias by her first husband, Herod Philip. Matt. 14:6. She married in the first place Philip the tetrarch of Trachonitis, her paternal uncle, and secondly Aristobulus, the king of Chalcis.