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Shield. The ordinary shield consisted of a framework of wood covered with leather; it thus admitted of being burnt. Ezek. 39:9. It was frequently cased with metal, either brass or copper; its appearance in this case resembled gold when the sun shone on it, 1 Macc. 6:39, and to this, rather than to the practice of smearing blood on the shield, we may refer the redness noticed by Nahum. Nah. 2:3. The surface of the shield was kept bright by the application of oil, as implied in Isa. 21:5. The shield was worn on the left arm, to which it was attached by a strap. Shields of state were covered with beaten gold. Shields were suspended about public buildings for ornamental purposes. 1 Kings 10:17. In the metaphorical language of the Bible the shield generally represents the protection of God: e.g., Ps. 3:3; 28:7; but in Ps. 47:9 it is applied to earthly rulers, and in Eph. 6:16 to faith. [Arms.]