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Sin, a city of Egypt, mentioned only by Ezekiel. Ezek. 30:15–16. The name is Hebrew, or at least Semitic, perhaps signifying clay. It is identified in the Vulgate with Pelusium, “the clayey or muddy” town. Its antiquity may perhaps be inferred from the mention of “the wilderness of Sin” in the journeys of the Israelites. Ex. 16:1; Num. 33:11. Ezekiel speaks of Sin as “Sin the stronghold of Egypt.” Ezek. 30:15. This place was held by Egypt from that time until the period of the Romans. Herodotus relates that Sennacherib advanced against Pelusium, and that near Pelusium Cambyses defeated Psammenitus. In like manner the decisive battle in which Ochus defeated the last native king, Nectanebos, was fought near this city.