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Snow. The historical books of the Bible contain only two notices of snow actually falling—2 Sam. 23:20; 1 Macc. 13:22; but the allusions in the poetical books are so numerous that there can be no doubt as to its being an ordinary occurrence in the winter months. Ps. 147:16; 148:8. The snow lies deep in the ravines of the highest ridge of Lebanon until the summer is far advanced, and indeed never wholly disappears; the summit of Hermon also perpetually glistens with frozen snow. From these sources probably the Jews obtained their supplies of ice for the purpose of cooling their beverages in summer. Prov. 25:13. The liability to snow must of course vary considerably in a country of such varying altitude as Palestine. At Jerusalem snow oftens falls to the depth of a foot or more in January or February, but it seldom lies. At Nazareth it falls more frequently and deeply, and it has been observed to fall even in the maritime plain of Joppa and about Carmel.