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Sower Sowing

Sower, Sowing. The operation of sowing with the hand is one of so simple a character as to need little description. The Egyptian paintings furnish many illustrations of the mode in which it was conducted. The sower held the vessel or basket containing the seed in his left hand, while with his right he scattered the seed broadcast. The “drawing out” of the seed is noticed, as the most characteristic action of the sower, in Ps. 126:6 (Authorized Version “precious”) and Amos 9:13. In wet soils the seed was trodden in by the feet of animals. Isa. 32:20. The sowing season began in October and continued to the end of February, wheat being put in before, and barley after, the beginning of January. The Mosaic law prohibited the sowing of mixed seed. Lev. 19:19; Deut. 22:9.


Eastern Sower.