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Tim’nah (portion).

1. A place which formed one of the landmarks on the north boundary of the allotment of Judah. Josh. 15:10. It is probably identical with the Thimnathah of Josh. 19:43, and that again with the Timnath, or, more accurately, Timnathah, of Samson, Judges 14:1–2, 5, and the Thamnatha of the Maccabees. The modern representative of all these various forms of the same name is probably Tibneh, a village about two miles west of Ain Shems (Bethshemesh). In the later history of the Jews, Timnah must have been a conspicuous place. It was fortified by Bacchides as one of the most important military posts of Judea. 1 Macc. 9:50.

2. A town in the mountain district of Judah. Josh. 15:57. A distinct place from that just examined.

3. Inaccurately written Timnath in the Authorized Version, the scene of the adventure of Judah with his daughter-in-law Tamar. Gen. 38:12–14. There is nothing here to indicate its position. It may be identified either with the Timnah in the mountains of Judah [No. 2] or with the Timnathah of Samson [No. 1].