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Basket. The Hebrew terms used in the description of this article are as follows: (1) Sal, so called from the twigs of which it was originally made, specially used for holding bread. Gen. 40:16ff.; Ex. 29:3, 23; Lev. 8:2, 26, 31; Num. 6:15, 17, 19. (2) Salsillôth, a word of kindred origin, applied to the basket used in gathering grapes. Jer. 6:9. (3) Tene, in which the first-fruits of the harvest were presented. Deut. 26:2, 4. (4) Celub, so called from its similarity to a bird-cage. (5) Dûd, used for carrying fruit, Jer. 24:1, 2, as well as on a larger scale for carrying clay to the brick-yard, Ps. 81:6 (pots, Authorized Version), or for holding bulky articles. 2 Kings 10:7. In the New Testament baskets are described under three different terms.


Egyptian Baskets.