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Bed. The Jewish bed consisted of the mattress, a mere mat, or one or more quilts; the covering, a finer quilt, or sometimes the outer garment worn by day, 1 Sam. 19:13, which the law provided should not be kept in pledge after sunset, that the poor man might not lack his needful covering, Deut. 24:13; the pillow, 1 Sam. 19:13, probably formed of sheep’s fleece or goat’s skin, with a stuffing of cotton, etc.; the bedstead, a divan or bench along the side or end of the room, sufficing as a support for the bedding. Besides we have bedsteads made of ivory, wood, etc., referred to in Deut. 3:11; Amos 6:4. The ornamental portions were pillars and a canopy, Judith 13:9, ivory carvings, gold and silver, and probably mosaic work, purple and fine linen. Esth. 1:6; Song. 3:9, 10. The ordinary furniture of a bed-chamber in private life is given in 2 Kings 4:10.