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Beth-baal-me’on (house of Baal-meon), a place in the possessions of Reuben, on the downs (Authorized Version “plain”) east of Jordan. Josh. 13:17. At the Israelites’ first approach its name was Baal-meon, Num. 32:38, or, in its contracted form, Beon, 32:3, to which the Beth was possibly a Hebrew addition. Later it would seem to have come into possession of Moab, and to be known either as Beth-meon, Jer. 48:23, or Baal-meon. Ezek. 25:9. The name is still attached to a ruined place of considerable size a short distance to the southwest of Hesbân, and bearing the name of “the fortress of Mi˒ûn,” or Maıin.