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Blasphemy, in its technical English sense, signifies the speaking evil of God, and in this sense it is found Ps. 74:18; Isa. 52:5; Rom. 2:24, etc. But according to its derivation it may mean any species of calumny and abuse: see 1 Kings 21:10; Acts 18:6; Jude 9, etc. Blasphemy was punished by stoning, which was inflicted on the son of Shelomith. Lev. 24:11. On this charge both our Lord and St. Stephen were condemned to death by the Jews.

The blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, Matt. 12:32; Mark 3:28, consisted in attributing to the power of Satan those unquestionable miracles which Jesus performed by “the finger of God” and the power of the Holy Spirit. It is plainly such a state of willful, determined opposition to God and the Holy Spirit that no efforts will avail to lead to repentance. Among the Jews it was a sin against God answering to treason in our times.