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Brick. Gen. 11:3. The bricks in use among the Jews were much larger than with us, being usually from 12 to 13 inches square and 3½ inches thick; they thus possess more of the character of tiles. Ezek. 4:1. The Israelites, in common with other captives, were employed by the Egyptian monarchs in making bricks and in building. Ex. 1:14; 5:7. Egyptian bricks were not generally dried in kilns, but in the sun. That brick-kilns were known is evident from 2 Sam. 12:31; Jer. 43:9. When made of the Nile mud they required straw to prevent cracking. [See Straw.]


Assyrian Brick from Nimroud, inscribed with Shalmaneser’s Name and Title.


Jews and Captives making Bricks in Egypt.