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Brother. The Hebrew word is used in various senses in the Old Testament, as,

1. Any kinsman, and not a mere brother; e.g., nephew, Gen. 13:8; 14:16; husband, Song. 4:9. 2. One of the same tribe. 2 Sam. 19:13. 3. Of the same people, Ex. 2:11, or even of a cognate people. Num. 20:14. 4. An ally. Amos 1:9. 5. Any friend. Job 5:15. 6. One of the same office. 1 Kings 9:13. 7. A fellow man. Lev. 19:17. 8. Metaphorically of any similarity, as in Job 30:19. The word ἀδελφός has a similar range of meanings in the New Testament.