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Chain. Chains were used,

1. As badges of office; 2. For ornament; 3. For confining prisoners.

1. The gold chain placed about Joseph’s neck, Gen. 41:42, and that promised to Daniel, Dan. 5:7, are instances of the first use. In Ezek. 16:11 the chain is mentioned as the symbol of sovereignty. 2. Chains for ornamental purposes were worn by men as well as women. Prov. 1:9; Judith 10:4. The Midianites adorned the necks of their camels with chains. Judges 8:21, 26. Step-chains were attached to the ankle-rings. Isa. 3:16, 18. 3. The means adopted for confining prisoners among the Jews were fetters similar to our handcuffs. Judges 16:21; 2 Sam. 3:34; 2 Kings 25:7; Jer. 39:7. Among the Romans the prisoner was handcuffed to his guard, and occasionally to two guards. Acts 12:6, 7; 21:33.